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Eye Lash covers the latest makeup, eyelash extension and eyebrow trends for makeup artists, lash and brow stylists, and other beauty industry professionals who provide eyelash extension, eyebrow shaping and makeup application services.

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eyel ashmag.com | JULY/AUGUST 2017 | eye | la 41 SELLING THE SERVICES Pricing for permanent makeup obviously varies by region, with an eyelash enhancement or eyeliner procedure ranging from $300 all the way up to $1,600 (top liner is usually priced higher than bottom), and microblading and microshading commanding from $500 to as much as $2,000. "It's such an investment in time and money to perfect your skills, so if you charge less, you're really underselling yourself and the craft," says Ta. That said, many salons and studios offer pricing on the lower end for services with less experienced techs, and on the higher end for their most seasoned staffers. Keep in mind that a complimentary touch up within a month or two of the fi rst microblading service is usually included in the price. "That's generally to balance or to fi ll in spots we may have left a little open to see how the skin heals—that kind of thing," explains La Palermo. From there, although eyeliner services and microshading can last for upward of two years, microblading will typically need to be touched up again within 8 to 12 months, with a price tag of between $150 and $700 (and even more if the client waits longer than a year). Clearly, permanent makeup services are seriously profi table. But even with the hefty pricing, pros say that the services practically sell themselves. "Because we're a lash and brow studio, we get calls about it all the time," says La Palermo, who adds that the best way to market the procedures is to perform services on a few people who work in the salon. "Then, show your clients before-and- after pictures of those staff members," she suggests. "Odds are, the clients will be eager to get the services done themselves." If you're just starting out, social media is another effective way to announce and promote your new offerings—so long as you portray yourself as professional, and your facility as being clean and sanitary. "If you're showing photos or videos of yourself doing the procedure, and you're not wearing a gown, and your client isn't wearing a gown and something to keep her hair off the face, that shows that you don't know what you're doing and you're not being safe," La Palermo explains. Ultimately, the proof—and profi ts—are in the images you post. So long as you're showcasing the beautiful results you're successfully delivering, odds are you'll be the most sought-out salon in your area. ALEXA JOY SHERMAN is a freelance writer and editor in Los Angeles. CHICAGO PERMANENT MAKEUP ACADEMY offers a two-day Eyebrow Microblading class, available to all students with or without experience in the permanent makeup fi eld, as well as a 100- hour Micropigmentation Program. (spahavananights.com) EYE DESIGN NEW YORK offers three-day Basic Microblading Training and two-day Advanced Microblading Training, as well as a one-, two- or three-day Microblading Master Class that includes Powder Theory. (eyedn.com) HOUSTON WELLNESS BOUTIQUE offers a two-day Microblading 3D Hair Stroke Eyebrow Training Course, as well as a three-day course designed for students with no microblading experience. (houstonwellnessboutique.com) MICROBLADING LA offers four-day, entry- level Art of Microblading classes taught by MLA-certifi ed instructors. They also offer occasional workshops, including Art of Ombré Eyebrows and Microblading, with master instructors from all over the world. (microbladingla.com) OCCHI' INSTITUTE FOR LASH & BROW TRAINING offers a three-day Fine Art of Microblading program, as well as an Advanced Microblading course that includes microshading. (occhilashes.com) TNN BEAUTY ACADEMY offers eight Advanced Training Classes for Permanent Make-up in the following areas for eyes: Brows, Upper Eyelid and Lower Eyelid. Permanent Make- up: Continuing Education is also available. (tnnbeauty.com) Micro Management Although these training programs and workshops may not fulfi ll the permanent makeup licensing requirements in your state, they will help you to hone your microblading and microshading skills, as well as your ability to market them. Whatever the name—lash enhancement tattoos or invisible eyeliner—permanent makeup on the lashline is getting plenty of attention, according to Plasencia. Natural-looking brows are the name of the game in microblading. Keep an Eye Out Davies knows a thing or two about microblades; she not only developed the popular Harmony Microblade, but also wrote the guidelines for the SPCP on how to select industry compliant microblades. Here, she notes a few details to look out for: Sterilization. "Many tools claim that they're sterilized when, in fact, they're not. Artists should look for proper medical-grade packaging," Davies says. Your best bet: Work with suppliers that can confi rm sterility. Proper packaging. Tools should be individually packaged in medical paper sealed packaging appropriate for the sterilization method. "Many tools have packaging that wouldn't allow ethylene oxide (EO) gas to actually penetrate—think: a cardboard backing or a plastic bag," she says. False claims. Markings that indicate multiple sterilization techniques (such as sterilized with gamma ray and EO gas) are "almost surely false," Davies says. "Nobody uses more than one technique to sterilize." Inspection. "We also always encourage all artists to check the needles of their tools under magnifi cation prior to a procedure to ensure their tools are sharp and clean," she says. MARI SELA/COURTESY OF CHICAGO PERMANENT MAKEUP ACADEMY

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