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SEP-OCT 2017

Eye Lash covers the latest makeup, eyelash extension and eyebrow trends for makeup artists, lash and brow stylists, and other beauty industry professionals who provide eyelash extension, eyebrow shaping and makeup application services.

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8 eye | la | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 | eyelashmag.com eye opener EDITOR'S NOTE THE MORE YOU KNOW GET SOCIAL WITH US! Visit eyelashmag.com. of the lash and brow industries. One of those peaks (and there are many): Eighty percent of respondents are satisfi ed with their career choice, making lash and brow artistry professions where work happiness prevails. As for the valleys (which are few), know that you aren't alone in the challenges you face: The survey found that procuring new clients as well as offering competitive pricing stand out as two of the biggest diffi culties facing respondents. After crunching the numbers, Esther Bolkin, director and founder of Glad Lash, says, "What we're seeing is a group of highly motivated and talented professionals who are making their way in the fast-paced world of beauty, but may need guidance in the areas of client attraction and promotion." The survey's data can be used to benefi t you on many levels; fl ip to pages 10 and 12 to learn about the many insights gleaned from your peers' responses. After all, the more you know about your chosen career path, the better off you'll be! As an editor and writer, I have my tools that I hold near and dear: Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Point Premium Rolling Ball pens (only blue and red, thank you!) and a MacBook Pro. Without these assistants, I couldn't do my job to the best of my capabilities, which I'm sure you feel about your tools, too, when you're applying lash extensions or plucking arches. Quality tools become an extension of you—your artistry, your professionalism, your sanity. But there's always room to discover new tools that can elevate your craft, and we've assembled a guide to lash and brow aids in "Five-Star Gadgets" (page 36) that will introduce you to everything you need to improve your work-artistry- health balance. Another tool you can use to lift up your craft, industry and especially confi dence: the Professional Lash and Brow Artists' Industry Survey, conducted by Glad Lash and sponsored by Glamcor. After surveying more than 450 eyelash and brow artists, Glad Lash compiled your peers' answers on a wide range of topics, and the resulting data illuminates the peaks and valleys eyelashmagazine @eyelashmag @eyelashmagazine eyel ashmag Karie L. Frost EDITOR IN CHIEF kfrost@creativeage.com

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