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NOV-DEC 2017

Eye Lash covers the latest makeup, eyelash extension and eyebrow trends for makeup artists, lash and brow stylists, and other beauty industry professionals who provide eyelash extension, eyebrow shaping and makeup application services.

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8 eye | la | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 | eyelashmag.com eye opener EDITOR'S NOTE BEYOND TALENT GET SOCIAL WITH US! Visit eyelashmag.com. clever marketing schemes to excite your repeat clients before they blow through their budgets on gifts, as well as pull in new customers with smart deals. Take a look at "The Most Marketable Time of the Year" on page 38 for intel on when to start your planning and the dates to use to your advantage. Finally, the holidays also afford you the chance to show your staff, colleagues and clients how much you appreciate their devotion to your craft and business. We've tapped industry pros to share their gift and team- building ideas in "The Giving Spirit" on page 34; try one or more—and treat yourself while you're at it! Several years ago a hair brand invited me to do a lecture for hairstylists about what exactly goes down on a magazine photo shoot set. And while I suspect the stylists wanted to hear about the glamour of capturing that perfect shot, I painted a more realistic picture: There's a lot of hurry-up-and-wait; shoots can run excruciatingly long; ideas can fl op—the list goes on. But what I chose to focus on the most didn't have to do with clenching that fi rst job, but rather, getting rehired. Because, frankly, that should be your goal, no matter if you're a makeup artist painting faces for magazines, a brow pro shaping an A-lister's arches for the red carpet or a lash specialist looking to secure a repeat customer. What's needed, aside from talent and technical prowess, are soft skills: being professional and prepared and having a positive attitude that's infectious—even on those days when you're not feeling 100 percent. And let me be clear: Every person in a position to hire you pays attention to these soft skills just as much as—if not more than—your talent. While we address makeup artists in "In the Rehiring Line" on page 46, almost all of the advice offered applies to every beauty pro out there—no matter your focus. Read up, and then snag that second job or repeat client! By the way, the holidays are here, which means you'll want to hatch eyelashmagazine @eyelashmag @eyelashmagazine eyelashmag Karie L. Frost EDITOR IN CHIEF kfrost@creativeage.com [ SANITARY MAINTENANCE AREA ] SMA What we use to create a hygienic workspace is an SMA, which stands for Sanitized Maintenance Area. 1. Tools placed on your SMA must be disinfected or thrown away after each client's service. 2. Items that cannot be sanitized, such as adhesives and other bottles, must be kept outside of the SMA area. NOTE: Any items that are used from outside the SMA require hand sanitization after use, before touching a client again, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria between clients. For example, if a client has pink eye and you use a bottle of cleanser without first sanitizing your hands, you spread that contaminant to your bottle-- which you will use on your next client, transmitting the bacteria or virus. 3. After completing a client's service, all tools must be disinfected. The SMA and all disposable products placed on it, used or unused, must be disposed of into a closed soiled bin. What is SMA? N E E S A P R E S I D E N T M E G A N B R A D L E Y G I V E S U S I N S I G H T O N H E R P O P U L A R A C R O N Y M FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.NEESA.ORG

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